Requests for grants are evaluated by an advisory committee. Those volunteers have an interest and expertise in Oregon’s historic trails, and are charged with making recommendations that fulfill the Fund’s mission.

Before you write your grant request, take the time to prepare by:

  • Reviewing the fund’s mission.
  • Examining previously funded projects.
  • Carefully reading the requirements listed in the application packet.

When you’re ready to sit down and create a request, think about how your proposal will clearly communicate key information about your organization:

  • Your organization’s eligibility.
  • Your mission and track record succeeding with similar projects.
  • Your organization’s leadership, vision and purpose.
  • Evidence of support within your community for your work.
  • Your staff’s ability to undertake the work proposed.

It’s also important to completely describe the work you’re proposing, especially:

  • The benefits of the work you’re proposing to undertake and how they relate to the Fund’s mission.
  • The need for this particular project.
  • A detailed plan and budget showing how you will accomplish your project.
  • How you will manage your project’s life cycle, and measure the benefits.
  • An accurate budget, including details on other funding sources.

Clean, jargon-free language is always best; have several people within and outside your organization read your proposal for clarity, completeness and accuracy.